Petro Gas

About the project

The Petro Gas company implements projects for the construction of main pipelines, compressor and pumping stations, underwater pipelines, oil and gas refineries, oil depots and offshore oil and gas facilities.

In 2015, the Extreme LTD company designed and manufactured equipment for the Petro Gas facility in Turkmenistan.


Works and services performed
Extreme LTD developed the project documentation
The switchboard equipment was manufactured at the Extreme LTD plant in Boryspil
Specialists of the Extreme LTD company performed installation, assembling and commissioning works
Project details
Delivery scope:

– cells 10 kV RM6: 4 x 630 A

– transformers 10/0.4 kV TMC: 4 x 1600 kVA

– main distribution switchboard 0.4 kV CUBIC: 2 x 2500 A

– input distribution devices 0.4 kV

– distribution cabinets

– control cabinets

– reactive power compensation devices