Energy audit

Energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of the company's activities related to energy costs of various types and is aimed at identifying the possibility of cost-effective optimization of energy resources consumption. The purpose of an energy audit is to determine the actual state of energy consumption of buildings and to develop energy-saving measures aimed at increasing the efficiency of energy use at a specific facility and to assess the effectiveness of their implementation.
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Our company performs inspections of industrial facilities, infrastructure and other sites in order to identify their technical condition, assess the level of energy efficiency and automation, develop, approve and implement a plan for optimization and reduction of energy consumption.

With the help of instrumental and analytical examination our specialists determine:

  • where and how energy losses occur.
  • which systems, equipment are working inefficiently.
  • what effective measures can be taken to optimize the operation of this or that type of equipment.

Specialists of Extreme LTD will offer the best solutions for optimizing energy consumption in the following areas:

  • reactive power compensation
  • automation of the technological process
  • distribution of electricity

As a result of the audit your company will be able to:

  • effectively implement and adhere to your energy management program
  • reduce power consumption
  • protect valuable equipment
  • increase comfort for customers and employees
  • implement solutions that will help achieve the goal of sustainable development of the enterprise
Energy quality assessment
The term "energy quality" is used to define deviations in voltage, current, and frequency parameters that cause equipment failures, interruptions, or cause energy system inefficiencies. Such deviations can be manifested as harmonics, power factor, voltage fluctuations, energy drops and in many other forms.
Energy quality assessment
Energy quality improving

It is performed using a specialized energy quality analyzer that supports the unique PQZIP technology – continuous recording of all energy quality parameters without setting threshold values and with high discreteness.

This analysis allows you to identify problems related to energy quality, and also gives a complete picture of how your energy system works and where errors and breakdowns occur. The result of the analysis is a detailed report on the measurements taken with recommendations how to correct the situation.

A low energy coefficient leads to higher electricity bills in order to meet the increased energy demand. They also cause system energy losses, overheating, increased maintenance costs, and reduced service utility.

EQUALIZER by Elspec is an all-in-one solution for energy quality control and is typically installed near network backbones and main distribution switchboards.

With the help of a specialized Energy Quality Analyzer, Extreme LTD conducts a detailed research of the existing situation and performs the optimal selection of the necessary equipment to compensate for reactive energy and improve the quality of energy at your enterprise.

Energy audit of industrial enterprises
The main goal of a energy audit is to find opportunities for energy saving and to help business entities in determining directions for efficient energy use.

Energy audit of industrial enterprises is a technical inspection of the enterprise’s energy production and consumption due to determine energy saving opportunities and implementing measures that ensure energy savings.

Savings are achieved through the introduction of more cost-effective schemes and processes, the detection of unacceptable power losses, the use of a constantly operating cost accounting system and analysis of power consumption (power management systems).

The subject of a power audit is a system of surveying fuel and energy consumption, analysis and recommendations on the effective use of power resources.

Extreme LTD offers high-quality and qualified services in the field of power audit of the enterprises.

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