Project design

Certified specialists of Extreme LTD LLC develop project documentation for power supply and lighting of facilities of any complexity: malls, medical facilities, office buildings, logistics centers, and industrial buildings.
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Power supply projects
A high-quality project is a guarantee of flawless execution of electric installation works and safe operation of buildings.

Power supply of any object is a complex of technical means designed for transmission, transformation and distribution of electricity from the source to the consumer.

Today in addition to building structures, any building is an engineering structure that contains dozens of interacting engineering systems. And it is necessary to have a power supply project  in order to connect any building to the power grid.

Power supply and distribution systems are a complex set of technical solutions. Designing such systems is a complex task that requires specialists to be extensive in their knowledge and persistent in their actions. Therefore, it is very important to entrust the design of power supply systems to specialists with work experience, such as the specialists of Extreme LTD LLC.

We design:

  • external power supply networks;
  • internal power supply networks;
  • external and internal lighting;
  • systems of guaranteed electricity supply.
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