Modular data centers

Extreme LTD produces ready-made modular data centers which ensure the operation of IT equipment according to the required levels of availability, controllability and security, and also guarantees prompt delivery to the place of installation or transportation between several sites of the customer.
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Data center all-in-one
A modular data center contains all the necessary components for the operation of a data center

We manufacture data centers for specific customer tasks – using technological equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers exclusively.

The MDC is designed for quick and comfortable deployment of IT capabilities on poorly prepared sites. Modular solutions require minimal preparation of the installation site and can start working after 3-4 months after the start of the project.

A modular data center is the most effective solution to the problem of building a data processing center in the shortest possible time and saving own or leased office space. It is not a capital construction but a production with all the advantages of a capital solution with full testing and assembly of the finished item at the factory.

Advantages of modular data centers
Deployment speed
Cost minimization
Scalability and mobility
  • the speed of deployment and commissioning of the object due to the no need of project documentation preparation, minimum number of construction works;
  • preliminary testing and assembly of a ready-made solution at the factory guarantees the compatibility of the main components of the engineering infrastructure, the successful commissioning of the facility and does not require highly qualified installation crews at the installation site.
  • the minimum required length of cable routes and routs;
  • the minimum necessary amount of air circulation increases the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system;
  • the lowest cost of the finished complex, taking into account the price of the building and the costs of construction/installation work during the construction of a data center on the premises;
  • the possibility of installing data center modules in the city center on any asphalt site to save expensive office space or in industrial zones with electricity excess
  • simple expansion of the area of the data center and increase of its capacity due to the addition of new modules without unnecessary investments in the preparation of premises and engineering for the future development of the facility;
  • the possibility of moving the entire complex in the end of the building/land lease term
Green data center technologies

The high efficiency of the introduction of eco-friendly technologies due to the possibility to adapt the design of data center modules to their application at the stage of design documentation development.

An individual approach to the customer’s requirements with all the advantages of a factory complex solution.

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