Installation works

Electronic License 2020-02-28 and its appendix are issued by the State Building Inspectorate, order No. 16-L of February 28, 2020 "List of types of work for the implementation of economic activity in the construction of objects, which by the class of consequences (responsibilities) belong to the object entities with medium and significant consequences (SS2, SS3).
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Installation works department
All electrical installation works are performed in accordance with the issued license.
  • Installation of technological equipment;
  • Installation of internal engineering networks, systems, devices and means of ventilation measuring and air conditioning, power supply and lighting, automation, control and measuring devices.
  • Installation of external engineering networks, systems, devices and means of measuring power supply, electric lighting, engineering networks. Installation of engineering structures.
  • Start-up – debugging works of electrical devices, automated control systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Employees are trained and tested in the following areas:

– work technologies;

– labor protection;

– fire safety.

We have permission to carry out high-risk works.

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