Complex automation of technological processes

We implement high-tech automated technological process management systems (ATPMS) at enterprises and factories, starting with the automation of the management of individual processes, up to the creation of comprehensive automation systems.
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Automated technological process management system (ATPMS)
Automation of technological processes makes it possible to achieve a significant increase in production output, reduce its cost price and achieve an increase in quality at the same time.

We offer modern solutions for production automation:

  • design, manufacture and implementation of turnkey automated control systems;
  • modernization of production processes and automated technological management systems;
  • development of management systems;
  • selection of all necessary equipment for the project;
  • assembly of control cabinets and power cabinets;
  • visualization of the technological process for dispatching and management.

For customers who need solutions for drive technology:

  • projects to replace DC motors and asynchronous motors with a phase rotor to asynchronous motors with frequency speed controllers;
  • implementation of projects using servomotors;
  • implementation of projects with tasks of positioning, measurement, tracking, tension, etc.
  • modernization of drive equipment;
  • supply of frequency speed controllers and soft start and stop devices for low (~380 V) and medium (6-10 kV) voltage.
Our solutions
  • Dispatch systems of distribution networks and registration of operation modes of power facilities
  • Automated systems of technical accounting of power resources
  • ATPMS boiler units
  • ATPMS of granaries
  • AMS in various areas of metallurgical production;
  • AMS of the oil, gas and chemical industry
  • Data collection, processing and transmission systems
  • Crane control systems
  • Electric drive control systems, including those based on smooth start and stop devices and frequency speed controllers.
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