Carrying out technical maintenance and scheduled preventive maintenance ensures the maintenance of the functionality of power equipment and extends the life of devices. Support: (095) 815 39 39
Functions of the service department
  • Guaranteed annual maintenance of low-voltage complex devices (according to the contract)
  • Post-warranty annual maintenance of low-voltage complex devices of our own production (according to the contract)
  • Installation supervision
  • Equipment setup
  • Commissioning (first power supply)
  • Maintenance of low-voltage complex devices of other manufacturers
  • Maintenance services for Schneider Electric circuit breakers
  • Services for eliminating the consequences of accidents (restoration work) of low-voltage complex devices
  • Repair services for low-voltage complex devices
  • Modernization of equipment (RETROFIT), reconstruction of low-voltage complex devices
  • Audit services of the power network and implementation of energy-efficient solutions
  • Checking the condition of equipment with the provision of an appropriate report and recommendations
High-quality and timely performance of works
Qualified staff
Specialists with IV and V groups of admission in power safety
Up-to-date knowledge and skills
Annual training and confirmation of qualifications
Modern equipment
A functioning laboratory equipped with certified devices and equipment
Reliable tools
Certified tools with an up-to-date verification period
Specialized car fleet
Service cars equipped with all the necessary tools for maintenance work, as well as urgent repairs and diagnostics
Service works
Compensation devices
Automatic switches
  • Examination of the technical condition of capacitors of devices with the provision of a technical report and recommendations.
  • Repair and restoration – complete restoration of working capacity and commissioning.
  • Reconstruction and modernization – implementation of energy-efficient solutions.
  • Maintenance of compensation devices
  • Preventive maintenance of the automatic circuit breaker
  • Setting the switch
  • Repair of the switch and replacement of internal components (electromagnets, gear motor, contact system, etc.)
  • Diagnostics of the “Micrologic” electronic control and management unit. Checking the time-current characteristics.
Service facilities

Contacts of the service department:


The phone number of the technical support service: (095) 815 39 39

  • Low-voltage complete devices (0.4kV) – VRP, GRSH, SHS, SHR, etc.
  • Low-voltage complete devices for automatic introduction of AVR reserve (4kV), panels with AVR automation. (e.g. SHDG, GRSH(AVR))
  • Compensating devices are a complete KKU condenser unit
  • Compact NS100-250, Compact NS 400-630Old-type circuit breakers
  • Compact NSX 100-250, Compact NSX 400-630 Automatic switches
  • Compact NS630 – 3200 Automatic circuit breakers
  • Masterpact NT circuit breakers
  • Masterpact NW circuit breakers
  • Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers
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